Justen Funeral Homes is a fourth generation family operated funeral and cremation provider serving northeastern Illinois from three locations.

Justen Funeral Home & Crematory

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We are pleased to provide this website as a way to address your information needs and answer your questions about Justen Funeral Home and its services. We do encourage personal contact for any additional questions or to discuss funeral or cremation alternatives.

Justen Funeral Home is NOT soliciting donations to any charity!

We have heard from several callers that they have received calls from 815-669-5606 with the Caller Id of Justen Funeral Home. THIS IS NOT OUR PHONE NUMBER AND IS UNAUTHORIZED USE OF OUR NAME. Please do not listen to these SCAM calls!

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...   5/26/2015
Broome, Theresa Carol
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...   5/21/2015
Sabatini, Margaret
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...   5/16/2015
Betancourt, Elias 'Mike'
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...   5/16/2015
Smith, Allen B.
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...   5/13/2015
Montez, Anthony
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