Why Choose Us

Family Owned Makes all the Difference

As a local, family-owned funeral home, we offer our all to each family that walks through our doors. Our reputation is set on this, and throughout our generations of supporting McHenry, Round Lake, and Wonder Lake, this is something that will never change. We know our success lies in the hands of our community, and this is what drives us to do our very best. It’s about providing the best service to you with professionalism, kindness, and expertise. And, since we don’t answer to a corporation, we’re able to focus on creating the most personalized and unique services. This is our promise to you.

The Justen Name

Our community has come to know our name, and the families we serve are our friends and neighbors. We are not just in the community, but participate in community life, and are closely knit into the fabric of the McHenry, Round Lake and Wonder Lake areas. We believe this makes all the difference when it comes to creating a special service. The approach we take to walking alongside our neighbors is embedded in the specialized knowledge we have as owners and funeral directors. It is important to our team to ensure you are educated by our experts on every option available to you, and we take care of every detail along the way. Our commitment to you is like that of our own family, because that is how we see you. We pride ourselves on holding onto our traditions while embracing inevitable change. Funeral traditions change over time, but we still hold true to the ideals we’ve had since 1882.