Margaret Odneal

May 13, 1938 - June 20, 2022
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Margaret Ann (Margie) Molthop Odneal, age 84, of McHenry, IL passed away peacefully on Monday, June 20, 2022.  She was born in Chicago, IL, and was raised and later married in Park Ridge, IL. She then raised her four sons in Diamond Lake, IL, before relocating to Sun Valley, NV, where she lived for thirty-fiveContinue Reading

Roger Herdrich left a message on June 30, 2022:
Because there was a considerable age gap between Margie and myself, we actually lived under the same roof for only a few months after I was born, and she married and established her own home. Therefore, Margie was a bit like an aunt to me, until in my 40’s I had some challenging personal and family issues. Our sister Anni had remained very close to Margie, and had her contact me. Both Margie and Anni then provided life lines to me, but Margie had a unique perspective because she had lived much of what I was going through. She was highly intelligent, kind, humble, patient, truthful, wise, funny , and unfailingly supportive while also kindly telling me where she believed my thoughts needed adjustment. She went from a sister I hardly knew to one I treasured. If I thought I knew Margie well as I described above, her moving to McHenry after living with Anni and her husband for 3 years, showed me facets of Margie I couldn’t have imagined. She was well read, though our taste in books was vastly different. She loved animals even more than I, and we talked for many hours about the love, dedication, and unimaginable loyalty of our beloved pets. We also spent time “solving the worlds problems” and helping each other understand the dynamics of our family from our viewpoints formed almost 20 years apart due to our age differences. There was so much more: taking Margie shopping, and out for meals with my lovely wife Linda assisting; having her in our home for two weeks, and then in the home of Kurt and his wife, when her living facility closed during the pandemic; laughing about life’s ironies we saw and experienced, acknowledging our shortcoming to each other and musing about life’s lessons, helping re-establish relations with family from whom she had been estranged, and sharing our wonder in the unceasing love and mercy God had for us. But of course she asked me to serve her for the more mundane tasks of helping her choose her living arrangements, procuring furniture for her at the low prices she politely but firmly demanded, for working with family members to make the many health care connections she needed, and a myriad of other tasks. Though those decisions were sometimes hard and got the best of her, she was ultimately thankful and soldiered on. Perhaps the most important and fortunate choice was selecting Margaret Starus to be Margie’s care giver. Margie was a private person but Margaret has a kind heart, a hard working and willing spirit, and was a patient and reliable friend who Margie came to love. Margaret returned that love to Margie while also becoming a valued confidant of Margie’s, who always lent a caring and comforting ear, not to mention bringing her home cooked meals and the snacks and root beer that Margie craved! Each member of the family was important to Margie, and she treasured holidays spent with Kurt, and his wife, our brother Ralph and his wife, our sister Anni and her husband, and my wife and I. Of course Margie loved none more so than her living sons, Shane and Kurt, and those that predeceased her, Johnny and Kevin. They were the subject of so many of her thoughts and prayers. Margie never stopped showing affection as well as her wry sense of humor-referring to Kurt as her “baby boy” and to me as her “baby brother”, when both of us were in our sixties! Margie surely had her share of challenges in her long life, including very considerable and painful health conditions that hastened her death. But through all her challenges, old and new, large and small, she worked to reconcile her emotions with those challenges, seeking to find joy and meaning. When asked, Margie showed remarkable love, concern and prayerfulness. She persevered in her faith in Jesus Christ until her passing. We thank God for His grace and mercy in having Margie depart this earth peacefully as she slept, and may she enjoy God’s blessings into eternity.
Justen Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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