Thomas "Tom" Benson Krausmann
September 2, 1992 - October 8, 2021
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Thomas Benson Krausmann 08/02/1992-10/08/2021 Tom was a generous, smart, knowledgeable, kind, creative guy.  He cherished his right to bear arms; he protected anyone who needed protecting.  He was enthralled by history.  He was passionate about cannabis.  He loved to laugh and make others laugh.  He thrived on debate; we all know he was opinionated!  However,…

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Coach Voyles left a message on January 2, 2022:
Rest easy Tom…a lighthearted spirit from a great family gone way too soon…may all who love you forever smile with every memory they experience.
Mom left a message on November 29, 2021:
My Tomkins
Laura Krausmann left a message on November 17, 2021:
I could always make your face smile.
Stephanie Skiber left a message on November 14, 2021:
Tom, There’s so many memories that come to the forefront of my mind when I think of you. Your love for music, knowledge, and wisdom. While it’s true you threw incredible Christmas parties, I have to say my most cherished memories in the 10 years i’ve known you are the bonfires. Simple nights surrounded by wonderful company. Sharing our thoughts and opinions on the world. I will always cherish our friendship. Love ya, Tom
Tara Baron left a message on November 12, 2021:
Tommy, It’s hard to know where to start, it’s hard to fathom so many years of memories. As kids, I can remember you hanging out in the backyard with us, spending the hours messing around on the trampoline. I remember you in the musicals at South. The show choir days in high school. I remember the get togethers at your house. I can picture you just hanging out in the couch with Gunnar. With Rudy. I can still see you standing next to Kaitlin and Kirsten with your arms around them. There was no doubt that there was a o much love between all of you. I remember the bonfires. The Christmas parties. The fun. The hugs. Your laugh. Your smile. Our circles were intertwined, and over the years, our paths crossed often. While we may never have been close, I was blessed to know you and to be a witness to your kind, intelligent, loving soul. Your talent. So much talent. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your spirit was so very, very present as we gathered with your family and friends to celebrate your life. Thank you for another night of whole-heartedly sharing your love of music with us. As always, you made it an awesome party. Because of you, my little ones now know and appreciate karaoke…and have no doubt…they love it. Thank you. Truly. Tommy, your light will always live on in this world. Your light will always live on in my heart, and the heart of many others, no doubt. Know that your light will shine especially bright in my heart when my little ones sing their hearts out. We still talk about you and your “big music party” that had “really cool music and singing”. Thank you. Rest In Peace, Tommy, knowing that you are so very very loved and that your light will always continue to shine. Love, Tara Baron
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Jeanne Benson (Tom’s Aunt) left a message on November 12, 2021:
For me I only ever saw Tommy as Tommy. And loved Tommy for being Tommy. And do love to call him Tommy. For me being Tom’s Aunt Jeanne I am blessed to know the greatness that was that little boy growing up to be a man, blessed to hold him and hug him and love him up and just as soon as I got the go-ahead take him off on adventures; just me and Tom and his two older sisters, little girls Kaitlin and Kirsten we would create magical adventures riding on a river taxi, painting watercolors beside the water or climbing through an unknown forest of trees...Tom’s mind always creating Tom’s hands always making something way unusual and Tom’s imagination building worlds around him. And his inner sweetness of his smile stayed the same as he grew into a man, there’s hardly a soul on earth one can say that about. He’d wrap that smile around me just the same as he did when he was little. To have such a relationship and be given the gift of knowing a part of the inner workings of his mind is a once in a lifetime precious gift for me... Way back Tom a young child we had a conversation Tom brought it up on ‘what is normal’ and on ‘what does it mean to be normal’. And stated he didn’t want to be that. I so agreed and we talked of why. Another moment that struck me to tears, there was a day just as I was walking out the door and a very young Tommy grabbed me up close and hugged me and out of the blue, with those serious eyes told me, ‘Aunt Jeanne when I grow up I am going to buy you a house, I am Aunt Jeanne’. Tom stood tall and proud all his life, with certainty in my eyes and I want to believe he knew that deep down. Have you ever met any one who just amazed you time after time after time...that’s the Tom Krausmann I love. Talented so very talented ( gifted ) all wrapped up in a smile. Who can sing like that and move like that and smile like that? I love you. I’ll miss seeing your physical person. My heart wrenches for all who are in the midst of this great loss. It’s not fair it’s just not fair. The thing I know. There is a knowing in my heart that Tom’s Life Force is right here with us - he isn’t done yet. Driving through the mountains I said, (to Tom) “alright Tom, finally, I can talk to you. Before, it took some getting a hold of you, but now, I can talk to you. So talk to me!” And right there above my moving car in the sky a burst of hundreds of birds flying in unison as if writing in cursive... Tommy I love you for who you are... Holding you only In love and light always Aunt Jeanne
Laura Benson Krausmann left a message on November 11, 2021:
That smile!
Jahmal Smith left a message on November 8, 2021:
This one really hit me. I just hope we all can be that person we all need to everyone . If people were as generous as Tom is, it could change the world literally
Casey Sullivan left a message on November 8, 2021:
Tom and I were friends since elementary school. It is utterly impossible for me to sum up my friendship in just a few words but I am going to try to do my best. Tom was someone I could always count on when I was having a hard time and I like to think that he felt the same way about our friendship. We grew up together. Picking out one good memory is something that is so hard for me because we had so many. From deep one on one conversations about the meaning of life to having annual Christmas parties. I know that he had his struggles similar to mine and we did our best to support each other along the way. We went through hard times and great times. Saying that he will be missed by me, my family, and friends will be a massive understatement. He was kind and loving. Even through distance, I knew he was someone I could count on. Tommy, I will truly miss you. I will see you on the other side. Love and respect always.
Katelyn Dornbos left a message on November 5, 2021:
In memory of Thomas "Tom" Benson Krausmann, Katelyn Dornbos lit a candle
Katelyn Dornbos left a message on November 5, 2021:
I honestly am still so shocked and have no idea how to process this. I didn’t know tommy that well but we usually all went out at German restaurants for Easter dinner. A few years ago I had the pleasure of being sat across from tommy. Which was the first time I really got to talk to him. This meal was my fondest memory of him because we talked about a joint love of video games and game play. Especially one called fortnight at the time. The the food came and I was enjoying my meal and he wasn’t so then I offered some of my fries which he said “ I think I will actually take you up on that offer.” So then the rest of the dinner we talked and shared my food. This is my best memory of him and one that really stands out because it was a great conversation and I enjoyed talking with him. I am so sorry for what you are going through and am happy I was able to get to no him even if it was just for a little while. He had an amazing personality and will definitely be missed.
Zach Thomas left a message on November 4, 2021:
I will always remember our walks together. They always started as a quick trip around the neighborhood but our conversations often kept us chatting into the morning. We laughed and we debated. I learned so much from you. Just this morning I was eating an apple because knowing that I don’t like coffee, you once told me that it will give me more energy. I never cared to check if it was true, but I eat an apple every time I need to get shit done. Until next time.
Laura Benson Krausmann left a message on November 4, 2021:
I love you
Sara Spjuth left a message on November 2, 2021:
Tommy, I didn’t know you well personally, but I got to watch you grow up over the course of 20 years being friends with your sister. I remember watching you grow from playing with toys at cross country meets to becoming a charismatic performer and epic party thrower. You brought so much joy to your family and friends and you will be greatly missed. Love, Sara Spjuth
Mike and Patti Thibault left a message on November 1, 2021:
Tom and His Dad and I went to Lafayette coney and Tiger game when Miggy was winning triple crown….everyone wearing paper Crowns…..♥️♥️♥️
Charmaine Anthony left a message on October 31, 2021:
Tom senior introduced me to my husband, I knew Laura and Tom before they were parents. Their love towards them was powerful and unconditional. I remember each birth, huge smiles on their faces, so happy with their little ones. We traded babysitting when our son was born and went on on adventure, one was all the way to The Hamptons to visit Laura's best friends Karen and Jeff. We pilled 4 little ones in my old station wagon an headed out for a delightful time. On the way home I neglected to book a hotel room, all the way home none were available. Laura was a rockstar, siting in the front passenger seat, turning her body to face the children. She entertained Tom, Katie, Kirsten and Ian nonstop from The Hamptons to Chicago. Tom, Katie, & Kirsten, Tom and Laura, you are all loved.
Laura Benson Krausmann left a message on October 31, 2021:
I miss your light
Laura Fry left a message on October 31, 2021:
So manybmemories I have. Tommy came and painted our new office with my nephew. He was a perfectionist and pointed out things that my "I don't care" eyes couldn't see, but he needed it perfect. One time I told him I wanted to try heroin and wish I had a pic of how big his eyes got, as he said what the fuck is wrong with you? I responded if it's okay for you, it's okay for me. He wouldn't buy that. The love we shared was fierce, and protective, both ways. He challenged me in ways that no one else has. Our discussions would vacillate between total agreement, and intense opposition, but in the end there was always love and respect. And it was mutual. I also believe he was not completely of this world, and needed to move on. I will love him forever, whether he is physically here or not.
Tom Tracey left a message on October 31, 2021:
I remember Tommy subbing for our softball team one time. He didn't play much with us so he wasn't very practiced, but out of nowhere he hit this beautiful hit down the right field line for an important double for the team. I just remember his smile and laugh as he was standing on second base, like he didn't believe he just did that. Tommy, we didn't talk much, but you will be missed.
Susan Dornbos left a message on October 30, 2021:
I remember when you were born ("Hey Chicago, make it a boy!) we came to the hospital to see you and bring your mom flowers. The girls were there with their baby dolls, and your mom had hers.. you. You lit up their faces, and your family was complete. I remember the precocious little boy you turned into. Your high tops and and your cute round glasses, and that grin. Always the grin. Always informing everyone about something you knew and had a passionate about. You were always "All in", and I loved that about you. I remember you weren't super coordinated as a little I took it upon myself to try to teach you to rollerskate... about 5 ft down the sidewalk we were both down- and your front teeth were chipped. My God, I felt SO bad! I remember your mom made sure you had every boy counterpart to any of their girl things! ( A Tommy doll for their American girl dolls). And tried to get them to join in your interests with any girl characters. ( Hello Cat Woman!). I'm not sure that angle always worked (not for lack of trying), but you three didn't need a toy to cement your bond. You were always there with/for each other, doing your own things. (One memory that makes me smile is is you three dancing on your mom and dad's (big) bed to Macy Gray, Gunnar was a puppy tethered to the bedside table, and your mom was schooling me on the finer points of mousetraps). All 3 of you were blessed with mom who made childhood magic, and a dad who followed her lead with it. He was always a pretty awesome tickle monster too. I remember you growing up and becoming a trebuchet-building hoplite warrior. Your passion for history ignited a spark in my boys too. How they looked up to you for your knowledge! They thought their cousin was the coolest! And so you grew ( and GREW!) into a wickedly funny man, with such a great sense of style, and so damn handsome! You maintained a passion for so many things/ideas and ideals, and I loved how animated you became when you were speaking about them. I realize, Tom, that through your entire life I hardly ever saw you with your mouth closed! You were always either smiling, or talking/debating! ...and that is how I choose to remember you, with a smile. Love and memory eternal, Aunt Susie
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Judy West left a message on October 30, 2021:
I hadn't seen Tommy since he was a child until my Sister Susie's birthday party a couple years ago. I remember seeing this tall, handsome young man with an awesome head of hair. Soon we were talking. He was so easy to talk to, friendly and very smart. We talked about his personal struggles and how he wanted that part of his life over with. I said I thought he was tough and young and he had the strength to do it. I was honored that he wanted to talk to me about his personal struggles. The leather jacket he wore that night I thought was for the 50th themed birthday party and could of been but really it was the infamous leather jacket that he always wore and he wore so well! I'm deeply saddened by his passing and pray his family can find peace in their hearts. My condolences to Tom, Laura, Kirsten and Kaitlin All our love Judy and Bob West
Rhett Dornbos left a message on October 29, 2021:
I have so many fond memories of when we were younger playing army with Tommy. Hiding in his cinderblock bunker was the coolest. He was a good big cousin I can't believe he is gone. Love you all.
Sam Dornbos left a message on October 29, 2021:
I don't really know where to start. Honestly most of the memories of Tommy that stick with me are small things. I remember him letting me take over for him when he was playing computer games which I thought was super cool (I know for a fact I didn't know how to play the game, I was just happy my cool big cousin let me do what he was doing) He was really sharp and I remember at family dinners he would always have something funny/witty to say. He definitely had a natural charisma where you gravitate toward him, like when we would play as kids you wanted to be on Tommy's team. Everyone knows he was handsome, smart and witty but I always respected that he was very much authentic. He had his own style. That is a big thing that pops into my head when I think about him: he was unapologetically himself. I love you guys, Sam
Lauren LaPorte left a message on October 28, 2021:
I knew Tom as my best friends younger brother. We weren’t close, but we were as close as karaoke smoke break buddies can be. The most interesting conversations usually happen outside between songs where you can actually hear each other speak, and that’s the Tom I knew. He was funny as hell and incredibly handsome. He would and could talk about anything. The conversation could vary from lively and jovial to deep and intellectual but it was never boring. As I have said before, it seems that sometimes the most sensitive introspective people suffer the most, and he was no exception. I know that wherever he is now, he understands more about what he was searching for here on earth. ❤️
Pamela Kahane left a message on October 28, 2021:
Tommy the child had a heart as big as all outdoors, Tom the man remained big hearted, but he added a great sense of humor, a sharp wit and huge intellect. This was a young man with more to offer than most and he gave of himself freely. The world is a sadder place without him in it. We will all miss him
Joan Benson left a message on October 28, 2021:
My nephew Tommy may have had a youth plauged by hardships but this was to spur him into become a brillant champion of law and social reform. Tommy may have had strong opinions but this was because he was born intellectual, dipolmatic, eloquent and gentle. Tommy had a brilliant fate ahead of him. I believe he may had become frustrated though with the difficult youth God and his fate had given him. I remember the day that Laura and Tommy took me out to be me a present. Tommy treated me with beautiful manners, the grace, the intelligence and eloquence that his fate was suppose to become. I loved my nephew for already being the higher evolved spiritual soul that his fate had given him.
Bridgette Shaw-Bane left a message on October 28, 2021:
I hold memories of long he's still Tommy to me. I see he outgrew his suspenders, but I know he still had the same heart. I remember the sweetness, the tender boy who loved to hold my hand and snuggle for stories or dance around the play room. I remember how trusting and loving he was and how I loved caring for all of the kids, Tommy and his sisters~ and his cousins....I remember pieces of events, those fade for me, but what is clear in my memory is the love between us and between the kids and the love within his home and the light he always carried within....
Chris Magaña left a message on October 28, 2021:
I first met Tom, through Kirsten, when he was about 9. Even at that age, I was struck by how polite, inquisitive, and knowledgeable he was. During my time in high school, I visited the Krausmann's home on several occasions, and talking to Tom and getting to see how charming and funny he was, always was a treat. Around the time he was 15, I had started a pirate themed Facebook group, where I assigned certain friends special titles. I assigned Tom as the "Quartermaster." In a real pirate crew, it meant he was in charge of caring for and distributing the weaponry on-board the ship; in my group, it was just a fun, silly title. Nevertheless, Tom messaged me personally and he was thrilled. To this day, I still remember that exchange; we talked in pirate-talk the whole time. By far, my fondest memory with him is in 2007, Kirsten, myself, and a couple of others moved to Indiana, briefly. On one particular afternoon, Laura and a 15 or 16 year old Tom helped us move. In the car, for hours, Tom and I discussed music and our various tastes, I learned of his knowledge of WWII, was just very amused by how smart, and mature this young man was. I apologize for the long message. I hope these memories bring, at least, a smile to you as you read them. He is loved, and he will be missed.
Melody Pekarek left a message on October 28, 2021:
I remember Tom so fondly. I remember "Tom, NOT Tommy" so vehemently, too =) That cracking wit and quick, bright smile would be difficult to forget, Such a beautiful light will not fade easily from this world.
Michael Bombick left a message on October 28, 2021:
To Tom's family, I send my deepest condolences. Some of the best memories I have coming into adulthood were made with Tom. Walks through town enjoying the little things; late nights of wandering, and wondering, and growing; great parties with all, and I mean ALL, friends; but I think my favorite memories with Tom were the simple bonfire nights. Small groups of close friends, enjoying the simplicity of light, and warmth, and being together in that tumultuous time. I miss you Tom, until we meet again.
Pamela & Ben Gregan left a message on October 28, 2021:
There really are no words for such as this. You have our hearts. You are loved.
Gus Diones left a message on October 28, 2021:
Had the pleasure of meeting Tom about ten years ago at my work. We had some great conversations. One of the coolest Kats I knew.
Mom left a message on October 28, 2021:
Forever and always
Pamela Gregan left a message on October 28, 2021:
I remember one crazy fun afternoon spent on a retro photo shoot at Gus’s Diner. Tom was so danged “pretty” that he rivaled the girls in looks and such a smart-ass which made him a perfect fit for the shoot. He kept us all laughing, had great ideas on scene and did an AWESOME James Dean impression. In other words, a normal “Tommy” kind of day: helping a friend out, teasing his Mom, flirting with the girls and doing it all with a cigarette dangling from his lips and wearing his signature leather jacket. The world is poorer and much too quiet now that he is gone but the song of his spirit will always play on.
Caitlin O left a message on October 28, 2021:
Years ago, Tom provided construction support on a home that belonged to a family that nannied. I remember how excited Tom seemed when he arrived at the house and saw the little girl. He treated that little girl as if he had known her forever - even apologizing when the construction job became loud and he felt that it was impacting the little girl’s ability to nap (even though he was just doing the job that he was asked to do). Although he barely knew the little girl, his actions appeared to be driven by kindness and love.
Breanna Hill left a message on October 28, 2021:
Tommy was my first "boyfriend" in 5th grade. We would talk on the phone, hang out with a group of friends, and maybe even hug after walking home from school together with Gunner (even though I lived in the opposite direction from him). Towards the end of 5th grade, I don't remember what I did but I do remember we "broke up" because Tommy called me a bitch (to be fair there is a very high likelihood I was being one, but young me was too stubborn to care). After that we didn't talk consistently, but he was still a wonderful and cheerful presence that floated into my life at times when I probably needed it most. We made sure to take a picture together at high school graduation and he hung out with me down at ISU a time or two. But I specifically remember running into Tommy when I was back home with my parents. I was attending grad school while also nannying and I had never felt lonelier. I ran into Tommy in downtown Arlington and while we did the usual pleasant conversation, he must have sensed something was wrong with me, because he walked around with me for hours just talking. It was great to catch up with him and get to know the man he had become. I kept calling him "Tommy," even though this was clearly a man who now went by Tom, but every time it made him laugh. I loved his energy and we would randomly talk for awhile after that. I even went to an infamous Krausmann Christmas Party and it was everything it was hyped up to be and more! During our walks he had talked about life with such joy and he was so animated when he talked about becoming a contractor. While my heart hurts to look back at those times and think he may have been in pain, I also know that he could not have been faking that joy. I love knowing that he was such a light in the world and despite being very knowledgable in the world's faults, that he still saw all the wonder this world had to offer. I hope to look at the world in a more positive and compassionate way in his honor. I know he wasn't one to believe in religion, but I hope him and Louis are raising hell up there and that Gunner was the first one to greet him. I look forward to joining their party some day, but until then, cheers to you Tommy. You have no idea how much you are missed.
Alex Rainey left a message on October 27, 2021:
Tom, this still doesn't seem real but what I do know is real are the countless lessons learned, debates had, and memories shared between us that I will forever cherish. Everything from debating the ar15 vs ak47 to jedis vs mandalorians, being ine of the only people to know my middle name, late night walks in the desert, countless conversations about what the future holds, and being the only other person who can eat as fast as me. We started our friendship as two people who didn't know eachother and with very different tastes but through your kindness, good soul, and big heart we became brothers. I'm positive a million thank yous wouldn't be enough for anyone to describe their gratitude towards what you offered anyone but for now it will have to do. Until we meet again be at peace. Love, Alex
Bill Waltrich left a message on October 27, 2021:
…I have a memory. We were in the locker room after gym and tom was talking about how he got some sort of achievement award or belt for a kind of martial arts. I thought it sounded like “cookie dough”. So I asked him more about it and I teased him a little under the context that what he received was “cookie dough”. He was furious. His face turned red. That’s the first and most vivid memory I have. I’ve been thinking about him and wish that I could have become closer to him. That I could have made a good friend. We both enjoyed similar music
Thomas Pollock left a message on October 27, 2021:
You were awesome and I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out more when you came to town.
Derrick left a message on October 27, 2021:
I remember first meeting Tommy when he came to visit Kaitlin at school. I remember shaking his hand and talking about making sure I watch over his sister. Just an overall fun guy to be around, contagious smile and great friend.
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Sandra Kassabian left a message on October 17, 2021:
Our son Justin told us yesterday about Tom's passing away and all I can remember is a young man with a beautiful spirit, a smile that could KILL, and a wicked sense of humour which fit into our family perfectly. We lost touch because, after all, all of those friends of Justin and sons of others grew up and went their separate ways. My memory of Tom matches the last photo of him, beautiful as ever and such a happy smile. Words fail me.
Paul & Nancy Andrews left a message on October 14, 2021:
Tom was a wonderful young man. We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Justen Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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